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A couple of weeks ago I found my theme for the year. I’m terrible at resolutions, even goals, so this year I just want to explore a single, personal intention: health. What it means to me, how to cultivate it daily in better rituals (I like that word so much better than  habits).  So in the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out several things, which perhaps I’ll talk about in future posts.

The reason for this choice is that last year was a bad year in health for me. Or maybe a good one, depending on perspective. I continued to struggle with fibromyalgia, I had major surgery in late spring that took 2 months to recover from. I contracted shingles for the third time one week into the fall semester (after refusing a vaccination for in in August thinking what are the chances for a third time?). I had a bad sinus infection all fall. I sank back into bad habits as winter approached.

This month I turned 63. Time to stop messing around. The world is going to hell in a poorly woven plastic basket and my world, the place where I work, my home, my grip on the forces that shape me, all feel rather shakey at the moment.  So I think I’ll use this space to explore health intentionally for a while.


One ritual I’ve started this week that seems healthy is turning on music on my iPad instead of the news or social media, to get out of bed. No email till after breakfast. I’ve been trying out the music function available via my Amazon prime membership, which is visually easier for me than Spotify. And seems to have more variety for browsing than Pandora/ but that’s just me.  Here’s a screen shot of one of the things I heard this morning: IMG_0301.PNGI like the sketchiness, the map like quality of that graphic. Gotta try something like that in my art journaling.

Well, if this year is like the past 2, this post is likely to be the only one I make this year, but I’m going to begin again anyway.  The reason why is that I’ve been mulling an idea for year-long blog that should be easy and fun and interesting to a couple of other fiberholics out there.

The Hats of Oberlin is that idea.

Every fall, but especially every Jan.-Feb. I walk around the campus of Oberlin College where I work, and marvel at the fibery inventiveness I see on the mostly young heads in front of me.  Watching the rich, saturated colors, the luxurious fibers, the wacky and beautiful constructions that emerge with the cold weather in northern Ohio are better than cake gazing in a bakery.  Or watching the weekly catwalks in a Project Runway show (way better).

Now that I have a cell phone with a reasonably reliable camera, I think I’m going to try to catch a few of them to share with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, here is my favorite hat du jour, worn by my buddy Ruby.

Ruby in a Ribba Cap, pattern by Wooly Wormhead

There’s something about January that makes me want to start a new blog and scrap previous attempts. This year is no exception.

Maybe I’ve chosen the current name for this blog because it’s too cold and wet/snowy in my part of the world right now to sit in my favorite place–my front porch. At least I can still  indulge in my favorite activities, knitting and spinning, inside until it’s warm enough to take them back outside.

This year I’m going to try to bring blogging and front porching closer together in this blog.